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D'ni O'lympic Celebration

The International Hood will be hosting the D'ni O'lympics on Feb 15th, beginning at 12:00 KI time with a ceremony in the cavern.  They will be gathering for a daylong event to celebrate URU's diverse international community!

Explorers are encouraged to participate or just watch ceremonies, an international parade, game events and fun and music with fellow explorers from around the world.

The day's events will conclude with the closing ceremonies held in the D'ni Musicological Research Hood at 18:00 KI time for an evening of music with an international flair. Be sure to wear your nation's flag's colors to support your Olympic athletes participating in the surface events.

Tune into Ae'gura Radio Network at the start of the ceremonies.
The DMR will stream from their Shoutcast for closing ceremonies.

The International Hood hopes you will come celebrate in this very special cavern event.

I just wanted to mention again that the O'lympics here in the cavern is an effort to bring our diverse and universal URU community together at the same universal events take place on the surface. There are 88 countries registered to compete in the Olympic games in Sochi. There are a great many of you in the cavern from some of these countries. I have had the pleasure of meeting so many explorers from around the world in this small game venue.
   I'd like to wish great success to you and your RL Olympians who are representing your country. This will be a great time to come celebrate them as well. Perhaps even share the stories of some of you athletes. These games and antics that we will hold in the cavern are a way to come together and celebrate your country during this special surface event.
Come and join in the fun or just catch up with old friends or even make new ones.

Best wishes to you and your athletes.

Kaaja/X/I.H.P.X/Keir/D'ni O'lympian/GoLeaners/KaajaLaroo

D'ni Location: 
Cavern Ae'gura and O'lympic Hood
Date of the event: 
February 15, 2014 - 12:00
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